Samsung sells HDD division to Seagate for $1.375 billion

April 20th, 2011

Eat it, WD/Hitachi.

Good is about to become better

We’re firmly of the belief that SSDs are our future and Samsung would seem to agree. The Korean electronics giant has just announced that it’s selling its hard disk drive-manufacturing arm to Seagate Technology for a neat $1.375 billion in equal measures of cash and stocks.

As a result, Samsung Electronics will own approximately 9.6 percent of Seagate and get to nominate one new member to join Seagate’s Board of Directors, while the two companies have further agreed to deepen their strategic relationship with related cross-licensing and supply stipulations. Samsung will provision Seagate’s solid state drives with NAND flash memory, whereas Seagate will furnish Samsung’s PCs and consumer electronics products with hard disk storage.

Source : Engadget

Apple getting cocky with the IPad 2

March 5th, 2011

Stolen linked from teamcoco

Ditching the discs

February 27th, 2011

When single files get too large and so do HDD storage capacity, it’s time to kiss the DVD burning process goodbye…

one of a few bags...

Better late than never

December 11th, 2010

that brings me back :D

So, 2 zombie subbers came back from the dead to bring us a conclusion to their picks. Mahora released the last episode of Negima last week, after a mere 2 years and 1 month from the previous release. Also, OOM released the final episode of Mission-E, 1 year and 8 months (give or take a few days) after the astonishing jaw-dropping episode 11 cliffhanger (give or take a few sarcasm).

Epic/nostalgic comebacks this month. If only Naisho would release the remaining 9 episodes of Gakuen Alice, the Procrastination trilogy would be complete. goes mobile

December 5th, 2010

froyo on the sgs... finally :p

Are you far away from your computer? Bored to death? Visited every page on the internet from your cellphone… twice? How about paying a visit to Now with less bytes for your money-hungry data plan and pesky EDGE-only areas.

The day of Oso

November 6th, 2010

Cake wasn't a lie... all 4 times

So I somehow managed to squeeze some birthday celebration into the longest day of the week. From being sung the first happy birthday at 0 hours, to having more balloons decorating my workstation than a circus parade, then having a buffet lunch with coworkers and ex-coworkers, later going to dinner with my family before late classes, and finally getting sung happy birthday again minutes before the end of the day.

The aftermatch:

  • 5 hours have been slept through
  • 4 candles have been blown
  • 3 cakes have been eaten
  • 4 full dishes have been consumed
  • 45 km have been driven

It was a good day :D

Random halloween

October 31st, 2010

Cause I’m too lazy to mess with the entire template for a one-day event… here’s your halloween decoration D:

Blair! :D

Epic Short UBW Review

October 16th, 2010

As per request from “Guest”, an absurdly short review of Unlimited Blade Works.


What can I say about this. The movie itself was fast paced, and I believe people who haven’t watched the series first will not follow the story too well. I heard the plot comes from the official Unlimited Blade Works scenario from the game, which I haven’t played, but other than the scene the screenshot above is from, not much came as a shock to me. Even Archer’s true identity was a virtual certainty back in the series.

Regarding my expectations, I thought it was gonna be awkward to see a Fate/Stay Night story without Saber as the main character, but surprisingly, she did fit well as a supporting character as well. Not that we see little of her throughout the movie, or anything. It’s a shame Sakura was underused in the movie, though (not her best arc in the game, I presume).

Watched from the fansub group of the same name, it was a well animated piece, as expected from a theatrical feature. I wonder if they’ll animate the other game routes into movies as well.

pd. Shiro’s engrish was embarrassing to hear, as usual.

Zombie week

September 18th, 2010

zombie, zombie, zombie.... zombie!

So, besides the fact that I’m lacking sleep after only finishing the third week of the new semester with a full grid of classes, there are other reasons for calling this “zombie week”.

No healthpack for you!


Healthpackalypse mutation is back this week, after a week run of my all-time favorite mutation: Follow the Liter. This mutation was in my top list, though, cause it brings a high level of satisfaction when playing as infected, since the survivors can’t heal and throw all your efforts to waste.

So wrong… more, please!

cyanide and happiness reloaded
So after a while, I randomly decided to visit and their so-wrong-its-hillarious comic. Didn’t take long to stumble upon a zombie joke.

Bring out the nukes!

Highschool of the Dead, or Left 4 Dead – the anime, is coming to an end this monday. Okay, so technically, this isn’t part of this zombie week, but the last scene of this week’s episode has left me with high anticipation for the finale.

Mr. Positive

Stay positive, guys.  I got a good feeling about this!
The much anticipated DLC for Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 is drawing closer, and two confirmed related media will be a comic and a Teaser movie. The first of 4 issues of the comic is now available at Storytelling is awesome so far, focusing this time on Louis and his unbridled optimism. All 4 issues will be out by October 5th.

So there you go. Zombies are here to stay :D

Left 4 Dead 2 – Last Man on Earth encore

August 23rd, 2010

Took this chance to try some game recording for the first time. Half the size cause video card can’t take full size recording without butchering the fps.