Nokia S60 Calendar + Google Calendar = WIN!

May 27th, 2009 | by OsoMarron |

A much ignored feature of my cellphone suddenly became vital as I started my work/college life a month ago. First thing I looked for was a way to sync the cellphone calendar with an online service (no Outlook or any desktop application, that’d defeat the purpose of portability). First thing I thought of was Google Calendar, and also checked out the OVI service. Ended up choosing the Google interface over OVI, but the problem was Google was not offering a syncing solution for S60.

After trying a rather expensive program in its demo format, I ended up going for a free solution that does a decent work, except that it only syncs within the span of a month (the paid version syncs up to a year).

Didn’t bother mentioning names because the point of this post was to actually mention that Google came through and started development on a syncing tool for S60 calendar.

As I read the comments on the blog, this seems to be a beta in all the sense of the word. Still buggy, so I’m not gonna try it myself yet, but I’ll definitely keep an eye on news about this and snatch a copy as soon as a stable version comes out.