Rest in Peace Fast Dial

January 7th, 2009 | by OsoMarron |

Crap Dial

Some of you may have seen me recommending the Fast Dial Firefox Extension back in the day. Well, today I regret to inform that the Fast Dial I once knew is now gone. The author seems to have turned to the dark side and turned what once was a nifty extension into a near IE-toolbar-style browser hijacker. I had the misfortune to upgrade and see my speed dials rearranged to give way to some sponsor dials, a search box at the top of the new tab page, and, get this, an (unrequested) added engine in the search engine list.

Next thing I’m doing after posting this is remove this add-on and restore an earlier version of it from my usb firefox profile (which has an earlier version from when the add-on was still clean). Only while I set up a better solution, that is. To see a working app turn into crap is not uncommon, but this is one of the rare time when I actually gave a damn about the app enough to say something about it.

So bottom line, if you have version 2.11, this is as good as the add-on is going to get, so do not upgrade it ever again.