Zombie Loan

July 5th, 2007 | by OsoMarron |

Zombie Loan

The first series of the new season I try out. Basically a girl that can watch a ring on people’s necks when they’re about to die, and 2 guys that stumble in her life and look forward to work with her.

The main female lead looks like having a lot of potential for character development, from the looks of the first episode. Nice comedy bits, action has room for improvement and animation looks a bit above average. The plot proposal makes it scale up on my ranking.

  • unruled

    sounds pretty interesting ‘_’
    btw, have a nice holiday (in case you have one ‘_';;), Im off for a month.

  • osomarron

    lol. wish i had one (actually i do, but falls on saturday T_T)

    have fun