Minami-ke Anime’s 3rd Season Reportedly Green-Lit

August 30th, 2008 | by OsoMarron |

A third season of the anime adaptation of Coharu Sakuraba’s Minami-ke manga series has been reportedly green-lit in Japan. Minami-ke tells the story of three sisters who live on their own and depend on each other to solve whatever problems may arise. Sakuraba has been drawing Minami-ke in Kodansha’s Weekly Young Magazine since 2004. The first season of Minami-ke (pictured at right) ran on TV Tokyo in 2007, while a second season ended wrapped up in March. Another Sakuraba title, Kyo no Gononi (Today in Class 5-2), has been made into a video series and is being animated for television this October as well.

Source : ANN

Can’t wait for this… no, seriously. I need it now! XD