Miku Clock gadget

April 26th, 2008 | by OsoMarron |

Miku Clock! My first attempt to build a Vista Sidebar Gadget. It’s a flash downloaded from a japanese site Emka linked, slammed into a gadget.

I’m crediting it as “by Sakaki” since it’s the only name I can recognize on that site XD If such credit is wrong, let me know :P

download mikuclock (8567) - 510.86 KB

  • Wairf

    Excuse me but, please, how did you do for add it in the Vista’s Sidebar ? =S

  • http://osomarron.com OsoMarron

    The download is for a gadget file. If, for some reason, you downloaded a zip file, rename the .zip for .gadget and double click it.

  • Wairf

    Err… Thank you very mutch, now I can add it on my sidebar but I have got another problem . (Sorry >.<)

    When I add the gadget, I have just a black image on the sidebar. Can you help me please ? =/

  • http://osomarron.com OsoMarron

    I’ve heard this is a problem with Windows Vista 64 bits, or rather, a problem with Adobe Flash not having support for 64 bits yet.

    Until Adobe puts their act together, you can run the 32 bit version of Sidebar instead, by closing your sidebar, going to “Programs (x86)/Windows Sidebar/” and running Sidebar.exe.

  • Wairf

    Yay, It run ! Thank you very mutch for your help ! =D

  • MikuFan

    Thanks a lot for this, I was going to do it myself until I stumbled upon this. A+++++ Excellent Work

  • http://jinmeinomichi.blogspot.com/ Chris

    please help me to get the mikuclock without the vista… please give me the html….
    please…. please…. please….
    thank you so much

  • http://osomarron.com OsoMarron

    Download the file and change the extension from .gadget to .zip

    You’ll find the html in there ;)

  • Dante

    oso marron, thanks for living!!!
    I was searching for this for long

  • Savannah

    Omg, I love you! You don’t know how much I wanted that clock.. xD

  • Shan

    Wow dude you rule! It works, and it pawns! A true otaku windows sidebar gadget, vista finally has something useful!

  • http://damesaphira.deviantart.com/ Yumi

    Just what I was looking for! Thanks a million!
    Great work!

  • ~Fate~

    Thanks for this awesome gadget Oso! >:3

  • LoOKiE WhAT I FouND
  • Ahinigami

    Will there by any chance this app can work together with other app such as rainmeter so XP user can use it? T.T

  • http://osomarron.com OsoMarron

    Technically speaking, anything that admits embedding flash or html can embed the miku clock. I’m not familiar with the rainmeter app, though.

  • kuro neko

    O.o ty u sooo dam much =^^=
    im gona learn how to tel jap time now XD

  • evgheni

    Thanks for this awesome gadget!

  • luciell

    do u know any app that can embed the miku clock in xp?

  • Allan


    Thanks man :)

  • http://animexgal.blogspot.com Hiie!

    hi guys, i have a problem here. I download the miku clock from other website, not here. it can work when i open it. but the only thing is, how am i going to put the miku clock into my blog? i dunno which gadget should i put…please help me! =[

  • http://osomarron.com OsoMarron

    Just embed it as you would any flash object. WordPress for instance, lets you add a text widget, where you can add the HTML code for embedding a flash object.

  • Sai

    I need help! Onegai! :”<

    I've just embedded this widget to my tumblr account My Tumblr but it’s taking up too much space(the white one). I wonder if I can take that off? Or just cut some parts of it to fit the Navbar? But I noticed that it’s part of the widget. Aww!

    What can I do? :O
    Tasukete! :3

  • http://osomarron.com OsoMarron

    late, but what the heck… merry christmas

    <table><tr><td style=”overflow:hidden; height:100px; background-color:black;”>
    <object type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” data=”mikuclock.swf” width=”170″ height=”170″ style=”margin-top:-25px;”>
    <param name=”wmode” value=”opaque” />

    adjust the widths and heights as needed.

  • MissTreason

    Um… I can’t seem to get it to work :s

    I have vista but when I try to change it it just changes the name or says “This action is invalid” is there a way for me to just download the gadget package and not the zip?

  • vectorplate

    anou.. this site is really helpful and OsoMarron-kun too. demo, can the time be change in miku’s ?

  • KagaminexRoadRoller

    Hey OsoMarron, i have xp and i don’t know how to use this sidebar thing or any. I love your kawaii lil’ clock and really want one for my desktop. Plz help soon! ^?^

  • Nihila

    oh thanks but i need help (i’m on xp) i have extract it but when i open sidebar.exe it don’t find te miku’s clocks….

  • syed

    omg ive been trying to convert the .SWF to gadgets for days.. im a noob.. but some1 did it so .. kewl

  • lospesitos

    mm i cant get it work when i donwload i open it with winrar and the file i get are the followings:

    and none of them are an installer or nothing like i have xp and the thooje sidebar plzz help!

  • Black Rock Shooter

    How to download miku clock?
    Please tell me, becouse i want it so much!!

  • mikuuu fan

    hi i am using window 7 , when i download the clock do i need to change the name to gadget or zip?? and how come when i put it on mysidebar it shows a black screen? please hlp me thnks!!!

  • http://osomarron.com OsoMarron

    For the extension, read the 2nd comment up here.

    As for the black screen, read the 4th comment up here. The same applies to Windows 7.

  • Kei Bernard

    Yeah help I downloaded it but I can’t install it in my I have to open it with a browser to see the gadget.

  • http://www.korosus.net kaluroso_

    Muchas gracias ?(=???=)?

  • koreandog

    TY SO MUCH,!!

  • sora

    Thank you so much!!! x3
    You rock!