Epic Short UBW Review

October 16th, 2010 | by OsoMarron |

As per request from “Guest”, an absurdly short review of Unlimited Blade Works.


What can I say about this. The movie itself was fast paced, and I believe people who haven’t watched the series first will not follow the story too well. I heard the plot comes from the official Unlimited Blade Works scenario from the game, which I haven’t played, but other than the scene the screenshot above is from, not much came as a shock to me. Even Archer’s true identity was a virtual certainty back in the series.

Regarding my expectations, I thought it was gonna be awkward to see a Fate/Stay Night story without Saber as the main character, but surprisingly, she did fit well as a supporting character as well. Not that we see little of her throughout the movie, or anything. It’s a shame Sakura was underused in the movie, though (not her best arc in the game, I presume).

Watched from the fansub group of the same name, it was a well animated piece, as expected from a theatrical feature. I wonder if they’ll animate the other game routes into movies as well.

pd. Shiro’s engrish was embarrassing to hear, as usual.