Zombie week

September 18th, 2010 | by OsoMarron |

zombie, zombie, zombie.... zombie!

So, besides the fact that I’m lacking sleep after only finishing the third week of the new semester with a full grid of classes, there are other reasons for calling this “zombie week”.

No healthpack for you!


Healthpackalypse mutation is back this week, after a week run of my all-time favorite mutation: Follow the Liter. This mutation was in my top list, though, cause it brings a high level of satisfaction when playing as infected, since the survivors can’t heal and throw all your efforts to waste.

So wrong… more, please!

cyanide and happiness reloaded
So after a while, I randomly decided to visit explosm.net and their so-wrong-its-hillarious comic. Didn’t take long to stumble upon a zombie joke.

Bring out the nukes!

Highschool of the Dead, or Left 4 Dead – the anime, is coming to an end this monday. Okay, so technically, this isn’t part of this zombie week, but the last scene of this week’s episode has left me with high anticipation for the finale.

Mr. Positive

Stay positive, guys.  I got a good feeling about this!
The much anticipated DLC for Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 is drawing closer, and two confirmed related media will be a comic and a Teaser movie. The first of 4 issues of the comic is now available at l4d.com/comic. Storytelling is awesome so far, focusing this time on Louis and his unbridled optimism. All 4 issues will be out by October 5th.

So there you go. Zombies are here to stay :D